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Residential Services



residential services
The Apartments are available at ten campuses: Hernando, Clarksdale, Tupelo, West Point, Columbus, Raymond, Meridian, Hattiesburg, Leakesville, and Gulfport. The Cottages are available at 5 campuses: Clarksdale, Gulfport, Meridian, Raymond, and Tupelo.
Comfortable, spacious spaces offer the convenience of a retirement community and all the amenities it provides. Bring your own furniture and decorations, or create the designer showcase you’ve always dreamed of!
Older adults live in cottages or apartments with all the independance and  freedom one could imagine. Residents come and go as they please, enjoying life to its fullest. Maintenance is not a worry because each campus is staffed with knowledgeable, hard-working personnel who take care of those jobs that typically occupy so much time and energy. Lawn care and house cleaning are memories, not responsibilities!


personal care
Assisted Living or Personal Care is available at seven Senior Services campuses: Hernando, Clarksdale, Tupelo, Columbus, Raymond, Meridian, and Gulfport. Our Riggs Manor campus in Raymond is the birthplace of America’s first Assisted Living GREEN HOUSE® homes.
Assisted Living/Personal Care bridges the gap between independent living and a nursing home for those who are able to maintain some level of independence. Assisted Living/Personal Care offers daily assistance as needed with meal preparation, bathing, dressing, housekeeping, medication monitoring and laundry service. That little bit of extra help is there when you need it.


support services
Memory Support Services offer all the same ammenities as regular personal care, however, the care is designed to create a safe and comfortable environement for residents needing assistance with daily living due to a dementia diagnosis. With input from our highly-trained staff, individualized care and recreational plans are customized to the resident's strengths and limitations.
Memory Support Services are available at three Methodist Senior Services campuses: Hernando, Gulfport and Raymond.


Authorized by the resident's physician, skilled nursing care provides 24-hour assistance and a full array of personal, dining, therapeutic, social, spiritual and recreational services. Senior Services offers traditional nursing homes in three communities: Tupelo, Columbus, and West Point. The GREEN HOUSE® concept, now an international movement, was born at Methodist Senior Services in 2003 with the opening of our first four Traceway buildings, followed by six more. The philosophy is designed to de-institutionalize traditional nursing homes and eliminate the loneliness, helplessness and boredom that plague so many older adults. Each home accommodates 10-12 elders, each with their own private bedroom and bath, surrounding a large living area complete with fireplace, open kitchen with breakfast bar and a large family-style dining table.
Senior Services offers Green House® Skilled Nursing Care at Tupelo and Yazoo City. Tupelo is the site of the first Green House program in the world, and the Martha Coker Green House® Homes in Yazoo City are remarkable as the nation’s first stand-alone Green House campus.
IN home services



meals on wheelsIf you were alone, at home and unable to cook for yourself, wouldn’t you like to receive a well-balanced, hot meal delivered by a smiling volunteer?  Five days a week, approximately 100 older adults in the Lee county area experience that pleasure thanks to the Meals on Wheels program operated by Methodist Senior Services’ Traceway campus. 
The recipients of Meals on Wheels must be at least 62 years of age and typically have no other dependable daily source for planning, cooking and serving their meals.  Many also have very low incomes. These senior adults are homebound and unable to prepare a well-balanced hot meal. Since there is no charge for the meals, the Meals on Wheels program depends on donations from individuals, businesses, church groups and the United Way of Northeast Mississippi to continue the program.
This vital program would also not exist without the 300 plus volunteers who deliver meals each year.  These dedicated volunteers spend about an hour delivering an average of 10 meals to people within a defined route.  Volunteers serve from one day a month to several times a week, depending on their schedules.
We need your help to fulfill our mission - to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.
In order to serve more people in Tupelo and Lee County, more resources are needed.   If you are interested in volunteering to deliver meals or making a donation to one of God’s older children, please contact us. 
outreach ministries


At Methodist Senior Services, we recognize that not all elders who need God’s touch are living in our retirement communities. Through our Outreach Ministries, we extend services, benefits, resources, time, prayer, and community to elders in the areas that surround our statewide campuses. Each location offers its own unique outreach to their community, but a few include meal delivery, housekeeping, handyman services, yard work, home safety assessments, pharmacy services, therapy services and emergency call systems. For more information on what services are available in your area, contact the home office or your local campus.

therapy services


When you need a little help following a hospital stay, major injury or serious illness, Senior Tx knows there is nothing you want more than to get back to your life.  Our rehabilitation staff is skilled in a comprehensive approach that includes evaluation, treatment, and ongoing assessment of therapy plans to accomplish individualized therapy goals to meet each person's unique needs. 


Our four inpatient sites provide 24-hour physician authorized nursing and rehabilitative care including physical, occupational and speech therapy in a state-of-the-art facility designed to help rebuild health and strength for everyday living. Our comfortable rooms, delicious food and abundant social activities make your stay enjoyable and relaxing. Whether its short-term rehab or long-term care you need, the caring staff of Senior Tx stand ready to assist you in your recovery.
Campuses with residential care programs:
  • Traceway Retirement Community (Tupelo) 
  • Trinity Healthcare (Columbus) 
  • Dugan (West Point)
  • Martha Coker Home (Yazoo City)


The primary goal of any Senior Tx care program is to assist patients in achieving the highest level of function through skilled one-on-one therapy. Our outpatient rehab programs offer the best of both worlds.  Patients can continue their professional medical rehabilitation treatments while enjoying all the comforts of their own home.
Because residential services are not utilized, outpatient care is often the most cost effective program for patients.  Our team works hard to accommodate special scheduling needs and understands the importance of timely, effective and productive treatment programs.  The Senior Tx outpatient programs are open to people of all ages from within the communities they serve.  
Campuses with outpatient rehabilitation care programs:
  • Traceway Retirement Community (Tupelo)
  • Trinity Healthcare (Columbus)
  • Dugan (West Point)
Pharmacy services


Senior Rx, a division of Methodist Senior Services, is a closed-door, long-term care pharmacy whose goal is to optimally and efficiently meet the specialized needs of the twelve MSS senior living and residential care campuses serving elders throughout the state of Mississippi. Senior Rx pharmacists provide pharmacy services often provided by contracted pharmacies such as completing federally-mandated monthly drug regimen reviews for each resident living at one of MSS's four skilled nursing care sites and six assisted living facilities in Mississippi; working in tandem with physicians on "therapeutic interchange" programs that benefit patients by offering lower cost- but equally effective- drug alternatives than the initial one prescribed; and providing specialized drug packaging designed to decrease medication errors in the skilled nursing environment.
Senior Rx also provides a custom medication dispensing system with multiple check systems designed to prevent adverse drug reactions or interactions. While Senior Rx's services are not available for individual, off-campus use, nursing care facilities may contract with Senior Rx for drug fulfillment services
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Who we are?

NextAge Mississippi® was developed and is operated by Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc. NextAge Mississippi® is a “one-stop resource” that provides information, support, services, and relationships to older Mississippians and their families as they grow and live into elder hood – their next age.

Our Mission

NextAge Mississippi’s® mission is to serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love. We want to provide support to promote independence for elders who live at home and in retirement communities. We want to change the negative mindset of “old age” into looking forward to becoming the Next Age

What we strive for

Information, resources, and support for seniors difficult to find. NextAge Mississippi® will change this paradigm by:

  • Help eliminate ageism that devalues older adults through a system of senior/elder support, intergenerational connections and learning opportunities.
  • Provide vetted and certified information and support for seniors and their families to encourage their continued growth, autonomy, and independence.
  • Help seniors navigate the maze of networks/medical systems for resources and support.
  • Help seniors grow and live into the best times of their lives, supported with what they need and relationships for rich and meaningful lives in the homes of their choice.

Our Services

NextAge Mississippi® focuses on three specific areas for the needs of seniors:

  • One-Stop Information/Navigating the Medical System
  • Home Services: Traceway At Home


Because its approach seemed the best way to honor elders, Methodist Senior Services decided to pursue a new way of delivering care based upon the Eden principles developed by Dr. William Thomas. The Green House® concept arising from these principles is designed to de-institutionalize nursing home life and provide an environment where elders engage in meaningful life activities, eliminating the plagues of "loneliness, helplessness and boredom". The idea is to deliver care and services in a facility that is home, not “home-like.”

Life revolves around the elders who live there, as opposed to traditional skilled nursing models which revolve around the efficient delivery of medical treatment. Think of a Green House® home as the world’s most efficient home health delivery system, and the concept begins to make sense.

The Green House® project was born at Traceway in Tupelo. Our first four homes opened in May, 2004 and six others followed the next year. Since then, we have built two Personal Care/Assisted Living Green House® homes at Riggs Manor in Raymond, and six more Skilled Nursing homes at Martha Coker in Yazoo City.
Today, dozens of other organizations throughout the nation and around the world are following in our footsteps. What began as the "right thing to do" has become a revolution that’s changing the way America cares for her elders. Our hope is to eliminate the belief that frail elders need to be in institutional settings in order to receive affordably-priced services. Our vision is to make Mississippi the best place in the country to grow old.
Homes are designed to accommodate 10-12 elders in private rooms with private bathrooms surrounding a large living area called "the Hearth," complete with a fireplace, large screen TV and comfortable recliners, chairs and sofas.

Recent studies have shown that residents prefer private rooms, and research shows there are a number of reasons privacy adds to the quality of life for elders in skilled nursing facilities. One study conducted by the IDEAS Institute with funding from the Commonwealth Fund indicated private rooms are also cost effective. To read this groundbreaking study, click here.

The relationship of the private rooms to the Hearth allows the elders to control their own level of social engagement by closing their door for privacy, opening it to observe activities in the Hearth, or to join the group and engage in various activities of life such as social interaction, menu planning, meal preparation, setting the table and recreational activities.

An open kitchen with breakfast bar and a large family-style dining table invites residents to linger over a cup of coffee and visit with their housemates. Gone are the meals prepared somewhere else and shipped in on carts and trays. In our Green House® home, meals are prepared from scratch using favorite recipes. The aroma of home-cooked meals fills the air, and there’s always a snack close by, any time, day or night.

The primary caregiver in each home is a universal worker called a Shahbaz. Each Shahbaz is a certified nursing assistant who has received more than 150 additional hours of training in such areas as CPR, Safe Serve food handling, first aid, basic home maintenance, and being part of a self-managed work team. Nursing, therapy, clinical and medical support are delivered like home health—they make “house calls.” The mid-level bureaucracy typically found in an institution is gone in the Green House® model. The dollars already in the system are allocated closer to the elder, where they make a bigger difference.

MSS is challenging conventional practices by investing heavily in training employees who work most closely with the elders. Our goal is to produce a stable workforce of committed persons who are called to serve older adults. Staff who feel valued and appreciated, who have a significant voice in the operation of our homes are happy employees who take pride in their work and see it as an opportunity for ministry. They tend to become long-term employees. In this way the Green House® concept is addressing an upcoming crisis: a shortage of caregivers. For more information, click here to view a report produced by Genworth® Financial on this topic.

Each Green House® Home meets all regulatory guidelines and falls within Mississippi Medicaid reimbursement levels. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services in Washington, has endorsed the concept, as has the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more information about this innovative model, visit the Green House® Project’s homepage.

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