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MSS Customer Service Program

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A major focus of 2015 is developing a customer service training curriculum to be used on all of our campuses. We have partnered with Red Carpet Learning to develop the curriculum that will include DVDs and training material. The Red Carpet Team spent time on our campuses identifying what sets us apart and defining what it means to “Serve older adults in the spirit of Christian love.”  That information is being used to develop the program for training so every employee of MSS will know who we are and how we serve.  Our first training with our management teams will be held this April. In May, we will train “Mission Messengers” from each campus who will become training leaders on their campus. All employees will then be retrained and from that point forward all new employees will receive the training.  
As you can see from this out-take from the video shoot, the material is funny, engaging and easy to understand. We are so excited about this new program and look forward to sharing the MSS Culture with all employees.