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Martha Coker Staff Answers Challenges

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Reprinted from the 2014 Annual Report
Julie Hoffman, Executive Director of Martha Coker Green House Homes, tells of a resident  that was admitted in 2014.  She was a special young elder with complicated and challenging needs.  Prior to admitting this elder, the Clinical Support Team and Shahbaz had many discussions to ensure the staff could meet the requirements of her care.  The Shahbaz were the first to say, “Yes, we want to care for her.” The Clinical Support Team was proud of the Shahbaz for their eager acceptance of such a challenge.  During the course of her care, the resident returned to her specialist in Jackson, where he told the family she must be in a really good facility.  He said he has never had a patient in her condition return to him from a facility in better shape than when she was discharged from the hospital. This compliment really says a lot about our staff and the wonderful care they provide. This resident’s family is so grateful to have a place in their community willing to care for and love people with special needs.