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Dugan Partners with Senior Tx to Create an Unforgettable Experience

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Reprinted from the 2014 Annual Report
The therapy department at Dugan recently did an interview with Mr. Billy Ryan and it represents a different view of a nursing home than what most people think of. Dugan is so much more than a traditional nursing home. Its fantastic team coupled with the Senior Tx therapy department and their innovative care programs makes Dugan the perfect place to meet long-term and short-term needs. In 2013, over 30 elders were able to return to their homes as a direct result of the care they received at Dugan. The team in West Point rose the the challenge in 2014 and accelerated that pace by preparing 25 elders for their return to home life in January alone. Read on and you will discover why the Dugan experience is second to none.
What made you choose Dugan for your outpatient therapy?
I had surgery in Tupelo and knew I needed to go somewhere to get my strength built back up. I came to Dugan to receive inpatient therapy until I could get back on my feet and return home. After getting strong enough to return home, but still needing a little more therapy, I was given the option to return to Dugan for outpatient therapy, and I would not have had it any other way.
What do you feel helped you reach the point of being able to return home?
I feel the aggressive therapy and the motivation/determination from the therapists along with personal determination and hard work is what got me strong enough to go home.
Were you nervous about returning home or did you feel you were ready?
I would say [I had] more anticipation to get home. I felt very prepared after the therapists took me home for an evaluation where I did all the “normal” things I would do in my everyday life.  The therapist watched me get in and out of my bed, in and out of the bathtub, reaching low and high for items in cabinets/refrigerator, mopping floors, getting on and off swing and lawn mower, getting in and out of the car and climbing stairs to enter the home. After successfully getting through the home evaluation, I was confident I could go home with my wife and be successful.
Would you recommend a friend or family member to come to Dugan if they needed care?
I would recommend if you need therapy, inpatient or outpatient, to come to Dugan. You will receive the care you need and have the option to come back for outpatient therapy if it is necessary.
Do you have any closing comments regarding your experience at Dugan?
I think there is a lot of misconception of the services that a skilled nursing facility offers. I think people forget that a skilled nursing facility, such as Dugan, is an appropriate place for people who need aggressive skilled rehab services following surgeries or life altering events. I was taken good care of while at Dugan and was able to get back home with my wife following major surgery. I have also enjoyed getting back to church and other community activities and am thankful for all the support and motivation I gained from my Dugan experience.