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You may be an active volunteer, employee, resident, family member or friend who is totally engaged in our ministry. You may be someone who believes in what we do but lives too far away, or has too many other obligations, to get actively involved. In either case, we hope you will consider strengthening your connection to our organization with a gift of personal financial support. Methodist Senior Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that serves predominantly middle and low income seniors. Any gifts you make to our organization will be used to used to maintain and upgrade facilities, programs and services for the physical, emotional and spiritual benefit of those we are privileged to serve. All gifts made to Methodist Senior Services, Inc. qualify for full charitable gift consideration. Your gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated. You may mail gifts to us at:

MSS Development Office PO Box 1567 Tupelo, MS 38802-1567

If you prefer to give online, you can use our secured transaction form. Simply click the button to the left.

If you prefer to give by bank draft, we will be happy to assist you with setting up those arrangements. To discuss these or other giving options please contact us today.

Planned giving

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There are a variety of tax-effective ways to give gifts, and donors can choose how their charitable gifts will be used. Each method of giving benefits from the most favorable tax treatment the law allows for contributions.
Cash is the easiest way to contribute and may qualify for maximum allowable income tax deductions Marketable or Closely-held Securities. If securities are highly appreciated, they may be given so the donor can deduct the full fair market value as a charitable contribution and thus avoid capital gains tax on the appreciation.
Real Estate may also be given at appraised value, so the donor can receive a full charitable deduction and avoid capital gains taxes.
Life Insurance can be used to create a major gift at a relatively low cost to the donor. If Mississippi Methodist Senior Services, Inc. (MMSS) is named owner or beneficiary of a new or existing policy, the donor receives a tax deduction. Additional premiums paid through MMSS are tax deductible, and proceeds pass to charity, free of estate tax.
Include MMSS in Your Will. A bequest of cash, securities or real property can significantly reduce the taxes otherwise payable by your estate. Your heirs benefit, and the gift continues your good work in your name permanently, a living symbol of your care and concern for others.

Retain Income from a Charitable Gift. There are many ways to make a charitable gift and still receive income for life or a specified time. Through these methods, donors may be able to increase annual income for themselves and/or their spouse, while reducing taxes oncurrent income, estates and gifts.

Gift Annuities. MMSS offers competitive rates to supporters who give current gifts but retain a lifetime income. A portion of these gifts may be tax-deductible, and income is guaranteed. For more information and a detailed profile that fits your situation, contact our office at 662-844-8977.Charitable Remainder Trusts. Deferred gifts may be created so that you or someone you love can receive a lifetime income. At the death of the first beneficiary, theremainder of the trust passes to MMSS to create a gift for whatever charitable purposes the donor has specified. These trusts provide current income tax deductions and/or estate tax deductions.
Pass Assets to Children or Grandchildren. Charitable Lead Trusts provide income to MMSS or one of its programs for whatever charitable purposes the donor has specified. After a set number of years, the remaining principal of the Trust, any accumulated appreciation, can then be distributed to children, grandchildren or other named beneficiary, often with very significant estate tax savings.
Planned Giving Utilize Retirement Plan Assets. A donor can use retirement plan (401(k), Keogh, 403(b) to create a gift to MMSS for purposes the donor has specified. Also, retirement assets combined with charitable remainder trusts and life insurance trusts can be a valuable way of maximizing benefits from retirement plans.
If you or your professional advisors would like more detailed or technical information, we will be happy to respond to your requests by mail, telephone or in person.

Sunday fund


"Gray hair is a crown of glory; it is gained in a righteous life."” ~Proverbs 16:31

Our commitment to ministry in the name of Christ echoes our rich faith heritage. For 58 years we have been passionate about helping those in need. We pray that you will partner with us in hearing God's call to serve older adults in the Spirit of Christian love.


A benevolence fund created to meet the financial burdens of elders who live on one of our twelve campuses across Mississippi. These are elders who have outlived their resources and can no longer afford the cost of housing or care. No matter how much someone plans and saves, sometimes those plans are dramatically altered by unexpected events which produce overwhelming financial and emotional obstacles.

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Elders living at an MSS facility who have outlived their financial resources and can no longer afford the cost of housing or care. Your gift to The Fund helps preserve the dignity of elders who must ask for help.


100% of the money donated to The Sunday Fund is used to support elders.Every year there is an increase in both the number and size of Sunday Fund requests. Your help is crucial to our ability to keep pace with the growing needs of those we serve.

Without Sunday Fund grants, there are men and women who could no longer maintain their residency on one of our campuses, a place they have come to call home.

The level of assistance we can offer elders is directly related to the balance available in The Fund.

MSS does NOT receive an apportionment from the Methodist Conference.


United Way RecipientWe receive support from a variety of individuals, churches, and businesses. We invite you to become a member of the Senior Services support network with a personal gift to this fund. You may make a donation by clicking here or you may mail your donation to us at Methodist Senior Services, 109 S. Broadway, P. O. Box 1567, Tupelo, MS 38802-1567. Please be sure to designate your gift for the "Sunday Fund".


Each year, the Sunday Fund campaign begins on Mother's Day.

Methodist Senior Services gratefully acknowledges all gifts including honor and memorial gifts made to support Mississippi elders. Attached is our current month tribute gifts as well as last years’ Honor Club listing. Thank you for helping us fulfill our mission of serving older adults in the spirit of Christian love.


All of the Methodist Senior Services retirement communities rely strongly on volunteers to create meaningful engagement for the elders. The various talents and knowledge volunteers offer to our organization are invaluable. These generous people become extended members of the family and are a vital part of each community. If you would like to inquire about volunteering in your community, simply fill out the form and we will have someone contact you about becoming a part of our large network of friends.

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