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With the presidential election upcoming, you always hear the famous quote, “every vote counts.” At Trinity Personal Care, we decided to test that theory out, so on June 1, 2016, we conducted an M&M taste contest and had residents vote on their favorite new flavor. 
The M&M Corporation has been conducting a national tasting and asking people to vote for their favorite flavor, which in return will become a regular “M&M” candy. There were three new flavor choices: chili nut, honey nut, and coffee nut. Each flavor was divided in a cup for the taste test and each resident had their ballot to vote for their favorite one. The residents tasted each M&M very carefully. Some residents needed a second or third taste, but with some flavors, one taste was enough. The residents were only allowed one vote and they were all very anxious to hear the results of our local tasting. Everyone enjoyed a nice refreshing Coca-Cola and ended with a few more M&M samples while they awaited the results.
The honey nut came in first place at Trinity Personal Care. It was a landslide vote! Our staff submitted the official vote to the M&M Corporation to make sure our vote counts. The official contest ended June 17, 2016.  We are excited to see if our favorite flavor becomes the new Peanut M&M flavor.
Even though, this was all in fun we all should remember something small can mean something really big. Sample the choices, weigh your options and cast your vote, because every vote does count, even if it’s for an M&M!!