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Traceway Residents Share Their Blessings With Others

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Reprinted from the 2014 Annual Report
Lynda Moses, Director of Meals on Wheels of Lee County, sat down recently with two of her strongest supporters, James “Greasy” and Sandra Grissom, both residents of Traceway Retirement Community in Tupelo. “They are two very caring, giving and wonderful people and are very instrumental in helping and sharing the stories about the Meals on Wheels program. They donate monthly to this much needed community program, giving their continuing support to help those in need.” said Lynda.  
MSS is proud to feature these giving residents in our Donor Corner of the 2014 Annual Report
How did you come to live at Traceway? What do you enjoy about living there?
We were led to settle here where we felt we could be comfortable, safe and with people we could relate to and enjoy being around. We enjoy the feeling of being part of a “large family.”
How did you first learn about and get involved with Meals on Wheels (MOW)? Tell about someone who might have influenced your decision to donate to MOW?
Over the years, we have had family and friends who were unable to prepare meals that were nutritious and it was good to see that a program like Meals on Wheels was able to deliver at least one good hot meal a day to them. Knowing that this takes monetary support, we wanted to help. When a friend of ours turned down receiving Meals on Wheels because he thought there were others who needed it worse than he did, we wanted to do our part to make sure there was food for anyone that needs it. We cannot stand the thought of anyone going hungry. 
What was your first impression of or a memorable experience with MOW?
Our first impression was to hear the stories from volunteers about the smiles and words of gratitude from those receiving the meals not only for the hot meal itself but the joy of having someone to visit them - if only for a few minutes.  
How does donating to MOW make you feel and why do you support MOW?
Donating to Meals on Wheels makes us feel we are passingon the blessings that God has given us. We support Meals on Wheels to improve the lives of others. 
What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating or volunteering for MOW?
You will receive a greater blessing than those you bless. Also, there may be a day you or a loved one will be on the receiving end. 
What’s your personal philosophy on what you think society should do to help elders more?
We believe that more needs to be done to make sure all elders are checked on, cared for and ministered to. Cities spend lots of money to make their cities grow which is fine but don’t step over a “mission field” just to provide more activities and entertainment. Children should also be taught to reach out to elders. Elders possess such a wealth of wisdom to share with all of us. 
What might someone be surprised to know about you?
That we wish we had more time and energy to help more people. We do try to realize that we can only do so much and to be thankful that we can make a difference - even if in a small way.
What else would you like to tell others that might motivate them to give?
We are all created by our Heavenly Father and we are all valuable in His eyes. Therefore, we need to support one another. What we give out of love will return to us tenfold. We are truly more blessed to give than to receive.