Methodist Senior Services




You may be an active volunteer, employee, resident, family member or friend who is totally engaged in our ministry. You may be someone who believes in what we do but lives too far away, or has too many other obligations, to get actively involved. In either case, we hope you will consider strengthening your connection to our organization with a gift of personal financial support. Methodist Senior Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) organization that serves predominantly middle and low income seniors. Any gifts you make to our organization will be used to used to maintain and upgrade facilities, programs and services for the physical, emotional and spiritual benefit of those we are privileged to serve. All gifts made to Methodist Senior Services, Inc. qualify for full charitable gift consideration.
Your gifts of all sizes are needed and appreciated. You may mail gifts to us at:
MSS Development Office
P. O. Box 1567
Tupelo, MS 38802-1567
If you prefer to give online, you can use our secured transaction form.

If you prefer to give by bank draft, we will be happy to assist you with setting up those arrangements. To discuss these or other giving options please contact us today.
Michelle Daniel
Vice President for Philanthropy & Strategic Implementation
Cathy Coleman, CFRE
Director of Donor Relations